Unveiling Artistic Worlds: Books About Art, A Haven For Art, Design, And Architecture Enthusiasts

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Books About Arts, 19 Dec, 2023 — Guy Bigland, an artist, bookseller, and the visionary behind Books About Art, is proud to introduce a unique haven for art, design, media, and architecture enthusiasts. Books About Art offers a meticulously curated collection of books at significantly reduced prices, sourced from the international remainder market. It stands as the premier specialist bookseller, presenting an extensive and comprehensive array of artistic literature, many of which were previously unavailable in the UK.

Guy Bigland’s journey began in the late 1980s with ‘Pennies From Heaven,’ an Art and Design bookseller dedicated to providing elusive publications and catalogs. Originally operating from a quaint shop in Bath, the business later evolved into a mobile operation catering to educational institutions. By the late 90s, seven walk-in book vans were supplying schools, colleges, and universities across the UK and Ireland. Books About Art also engaged directly with students through pop-up sales in the foyers and cafes of art schools.

He have always believed that art should be accessible to everyone. Books About Art is an extension of that belief, providing a diverse range of books that inspire and educate. Books About Art’s collection spans a multitude of artistic realms, from classic to contemporary, appealing to both seasoned art professionals and those just beginning their artistic journey.

With Guy Bigland’s expertise as an artist and bookseller, the collection is not just a showcase of books but a carefully curated selection that reflects a passion for creativity and expression.

As an artist himself, Guy Bigland understands the importance of cultivating creativity. Books About Art serves as a bridge between artistic inspiration and enthusiasts, fostering a community of learners and creators. For more information about Books About Art and to explore their captivating collection, please visit https://www.booksaboutart.co.uk/.

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