Roachwood Limited Provides Car Owners With A Humid-Free And Excellent Vehicle Storage Facility

12.28.2022 · Posted in Automobile


Roachwood Limited, 27 December 2022- Roachwood Limited provides an in-built car storage vehicle facility for people with vintage vehicles and luxury cars. Luxury car owners highly rate their car storage facility and feel their services fit the client’s budget. Roachwood Limited understands that for some people their luxury cars are their biggest investment. They want to keep their car protected from internal and external factors at all costs. This is why Roachwood Limited is here to help relieve your stress and ensure your vehicle is always protected.

Roachwood Limited provides a one-stop solution for people’s car storage needs and offers luxury car storage, valeting, mot & servicing, among many more. They have a passion for helping car owners and taking the stress off their shoulders. Roachwood Limited provides easy access to the M4 and M5 motorways and customises their services according to the client’s needs. With their accessible location, people can take their car for a drive whenever they wish. Roachwood Limited has been involved in the luxury car industry since 1988 and has relevant expertise and knowledge.

You can visit their website to learn more about their vision and how their luxury vehicle storage facility works. Roachwood Limited wish to help their clients however they can and have built their facility from scratch. They are passionate, hardworking and efficient. Contact them for safe vehicle storage facilities and vehicle temperature control. With Roachwood Limited, your car is in safe hands, and they have just a monthly storage charge with no hidden charges. To get more information, visit

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Roachwood Limited

Address: The Freeth, Compton Bassett
Calne, Wiltshire
SN11 8RD, United Kingdom
Phone: 07802863601

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