Opendialog Helps In Transforming Business Interactions With Conversational AI

04.05.2023 · Posted in Computer and Technology


OpenDialog, April 4, 2023 — OpenDialog is a conversational AI software company that’s changing the way businesses engage with their customers and manage operations. Founded in 2017 by GreenShoot Labs, OpenDialog aims to streamline interactions through conversation and revolutionise business operations.

Their conversational AI platform allows customers to create advanced chatbots and virtual assistants that can automate complex business processes, reducing the need for extensive human interaction. With their platform, businesses can save time and money while improving customer experiences, without the need for costly technical resources.

It provides a low-code interface, allowing non-technical users to build sophisticated conversational experiences that can integrate with third-party systems. The platform also offers analytics and testing capabilities to help businesses optimise their chatbots’ performance.

By automating interactions, businesses can increase revenue, reduce operational costs, and enhance customer experiences. Moreover, their AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants enhance the buying journey and purchase completion rates, which leads to implementing effective upsell strategies that can increase average order values.

Since its inception, OpenDialog has quickly emerged as a leader in the conversational AI space. Their platform has helped thousands of businesses worldwide, providing excellent value for money in an accessible and flexible package. With OpenDialog, businesses can create sophisticated conversational experiences that are easy-to-use and accessible through any device.For more information, please visit

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