Nemstar Information Security: Pioneering Excellence In Cyber Training

03.04.2024 · Posted in Education


Nemstar, March 04, 2024 — Nemstar Information Security, a leading expert in Information Security & Cyber Training, proudly announces its commitment to excellence in the industry. With over 25 years of experience, Nemstar, founded by Sean Hanna, a four-time winner of the EC Council’s global cyber security trainer of the year, continues to deliver world-class training solutions across the UK, Ireland, and internationally.

Nemstar’s mission is to broaden the spectrum of information security knowledge necessary for ensuring organizational security. From risk assessment in boardrooms to ethical hacking of intricate data systems, Nemstar aims to equip professionals with the skills essential for safeguarding digital assets in today’s rapidly evolving cyber landscape.

Nemstar offers a comprehensive range of learning solutions, from foundational courses to advanced masterclasses in ethical hacking, leading to globally recognized industry certifications. Their intensive, lab-based approach to learning has certified and enhanced the careers of thousands of cyber professionals, providing practical skills and knowledge applicable to real-world scenarios.

Dedicated to delivering unparalleled quality, Nemstar only engages industry-leading experts with extensive consulting experience to lead training events. This ensures the best possible learning outcomes and the highest quality delivery for their clients. As an Accredited Training Centre for EC Council, British Computer Society, and CompTIA, Nemstar adheres to strict standards of excellence in delivering instructor-led training, utilizing ISO 9001 compliant quality systems.

Nemstar understands that every organization’s needs are unique. Hence, they offer tailored services to meet specific requirements, budgets, and timescales, ensuring an expertly crafted learning experience for all their clients. For inquiries or to learn more about Nemstar Information Security and their offerings, please visit Nemstar’s website at

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