Empowering Industrial Painters: Master The Art With Expert Training

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Belfast, United Kingdom 11th July 2023, Dangle Academy is a renowned name in the field of professional training and certification, offering exceptional Industrial Painter Courses designed to elevate skills and meet industry standards. With a commitment to excellence, Dangle Academy provides comprehensive training that equips participants with the knowledge and expertise required for successful careers in the industrial painting industry.

Dangle Academy’s Train the Painter program adheres to the rigorous standards set by NACE/SSPC (SSPC-ACS-1/NACE No.13), ensuring compliance with internationally recognized guidelines. The training is accredited by SSPC, which is now known as AMPP, further validating the program’s quality and reputation. Completion of the course enables applicators to meet the requirements for NORSOK M501, making them qualified for offshore projects.

The advantages of Train the Painter extend beyond industry recognition. Clients can have confidence in the skills and abilities of trained applicators, leading to a reduction in rework caused by applicator errors. By investing in professional training, individuals can enhance their career prospects and contribute to safer and more efficient painting practices.

Being a leading provider of specialized training, including the Global Wind Organisation (GWO) courses. By expanding its training portfolio, Dangle Academy aims to meet the industry’s growing demands and equip professionals with the necessary expertise to excel in their respective fields.

Dangle Academy welcomes individuals seeking to enhance their skills and professional qualifications to join their comprehensive and industry-recognized training courses. Dangle Academy is a trusted name in professional training and certification, offering a wide range of courses to individuals seeking to enhance their skills and advance their careers. With a focus on quality, expertise, and industry standards, Dangle Academy aims to empower professionals with the knowledge they need to succeed.


For more information, please visit their website at https://www.dangleacademy.com/. In case you have further inquiries about Dangle Academy’s Industrial Painter Courses and other specialized training programs, visit https://www.dangleacademy.com/contact.

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