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Knightsbridge Vending Ltd
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Get Vending Machines According To Your Requirements

Manchester, 1 February 2023- Knightsbridge Vending Ltd is an established vending machine supplier that understands customer needs at a personal level. Their vending machines are of great quality and come at affordable prices. Knightsbridge Vending Ltd provides vending machines in Manchester, Liverpool, Cheshire & Nearby Areas. They are a family-established business and have been in the vending industry since 1993.

You can visit their website to learn more about their vending machines and how they can help your business. Knightsbridge Vending Ltd has a wide range of vending machines available for you to choose from. Their vending machines operate 24*7 without issues. With Knightsbridge Vending Ltd, companies can get vending machines within their budget and keep their employees fed and hydrated. They have experience working with brands like Sony and Serco.

The team of Knightsbridge Vending Ltd has the experience to serve for small businesses and large firms alike. They have a dedicated maintenance team available to ensure all the technical glitches get resolved as soon as possible. Apart from vending machines, they have a wide variety of vending equipment and offer snacks, hot beverages and foods to equip the machines. If you wish for an innovative catering solution for your office and work premises, you must contact Knightsbridge Vending Ltd. welcomes you to be a part of their inspiration.


If you want to know more about their vending machines and aftercare services, visit and don’t hesitate to contact them at if you have any queries.

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