Bringing Nostalgia To Life With Vintage Fete Games: Rent Event Takes Events To The Next Level

10.30.2023 · Posted in Event Planner


Rent Event – Wedding, Party & Event Hire, October 28, 2023 — Rent Event, the premier source for event rentals in Sussex, Surrey, and Kent, is thrilled to introduce its extensive collection of vintage fete games for hire. From weddings and garden barbecues to corporate events and school fairs, Rent Event’s repertoire of classic funfair and vintage fete games is sure to add a touch of nostalgia and boundless entertainment to your gatherings.

Rent Event boasts the most extensive selection of vintage fete games available in Sussex, Surrey, and Kent. These games are not limited to the young; there’s plenty for adults to enjoy as well. The company’s outdoor game rental inventory even includes beloved pub classics, making it a perfect fit for any event.

From the thrill of the coconut shy to the precision of ball in the bucket, vintage gaming is Rent Event’s specialty. Their impressive range of classic funfair and vintage fete games brings an air of nostalgia, guaranteeing non-stop laughter and cheer from your guests.

Rent Event’s vintage fete games are incredibly versatile and suitable for an array of occasions. Whether you’re planning a wedding, party, fete, garden barbecue, fundraising event, corporate gathering, or school fair, these games are sure to be a hit. They offer an engaging and interactive way to bring guests together and create unforgettable memories.

At Rent Event, they’re committed to bringing your celebrations to life. Their collection of party games and decor is designed to make your event memorable and fun. For more information about Rent Event and to explore their extensive range of vintage fete games, party equipment, and decor, please visit their website at

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