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Books About Art, September 21, 2023 — Books About Art, a brand curated by artist and bookseller Guy Bigland, has emerged as a beacon for art enthusiasts and scholars alike. With a vast collection spanning Animation, Architecture, Art, Ceramics, Comic Art, Craft, Design, Drawing, Fashion, Film, Illustration, Media, Photography, Print, Street Art, Textiles, and Theory, this brand offers an unparalleled selection of books to satiate the intellectual cravings of art aficionados.

Guy Bigland, a connoisseur of the arts himself, embarked on this journey in the late 1980s, initially operating under the banner “Pennies From Heaven.” Over the years, his passion for art and design led to the evolution of his venture into Books About Art. This transformation was fueled by the desire to provide a carefully-curated collection of Art, Design, Media, and Architecture books at prices that are, simply put, artful.

What sets Books About Art apart is its commitment to affordability without compromising quality. By sourcing books from the international remainder market, the brand ensures that customers can access these valuable resources with discounts of up to 80%.

Books About Art is not merely a bookseller; it’s a gateway to the world of creativity, offering a treasure trove of inspiration and insight for artists, designers, and anyone with an appreciation for the aesthetic. Whether you’re a student seeking to broaden your horizons, a professional looking for reference material, or an art enthusiast hungry for knowledge, Books About Art welcomes you to explore its extensive collection.

As the art world evolves and diversifies, Books About Art remains a steadfast partner in your artistic journey. With Guy Bigland’s expertise at its helm, this brand continues to be a beacon for those who seek to explore the boundless realms of human creativity. Discover your next masterpiece in the pages of a book from Books About Art, where art, design, and affordability converge to enrich your world. For inquiries or more information about Books About Art, please visit their website at

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