Books About Art Unveils A Unique Collection Of Affordable Art, Design, Media, And Architecture Books

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Books About Art, January 09, 2024 — Books About Art, a haven for art enthusiasts and bookworms, is thrilled to announce the launch of its meticulously curated collection of art, design, media, and architecture books, all available at significantly reduced prices. Founded by artist and seasoned bookseller Guy Bigland, the platform stands out as the premier destination for a diverse array of publications, sourced from the international remainder market.

The roots of Books About Art trace back to the late 1980s when it started as “Pennies From Heaven,” specializing in rare and elusive art and design publications. The journey began in a charming shop in Bath, with a mission to make hard-to-find books accessible to art enthusiasts.

By the late ’90s, seven distinctive book vans became a familiar sight across the UK and Ireland, delivering knowledge to schools, colleges, and universities. This mobile venture allowed for personal connections with customers while spreading the joy of art and design books.

In 2016, Guy Bigland took the helm of Books About Art. With a single van and a passion for the written word, he embarked on a four-year journey, traversing the country to serve loyal customers. In August 2020, Books About Art emerged in its digital avatar, allowing art enthusiasts from all corners of the UK to access the carefully curated collection.

What sets Books About Art apart is its commitment to affordability. The collection is a treasure trove of artistry and creativity, providing a unique perspective on the worlds of art, design, and architecture. Whether you’re an art student, a seasoned artist, or simply an appreciator of beauty, Books About Art has something to offer. For more information about Books About Art and to explore the collection, please visit

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